Below is a list of the programs offered by Hillsborough County’s Center of Excellence. Click on the program you want to learn more about!

Academic Enrichment Centers are established through partnerships that provide a safe place in the community where students can receive homework assistance, tutoring, and mentoring from caring adult role models.
Ambassadors of Excellence are volunteers and supporters of the Center. They are critical to agency operations. These dedicated individuals assist the COE staff with program activities, fund raising efforts, recruitment, and sponsorships. They serve as chaperons, mentors, and role models for participating youth.
Brain Bowl is a series of county regional and state competitions that encourage students in grades 6-12 to learn about the contributions made by African Americans through the use of trivia games and books. Statewide math, essay, and word wizard competitions are also open to students between the ages of 6-18. The Brain Bowl provides opportunities for students to earn college scholarships, cash awards, savings bonds, and various other prizes.
Gambia Project is an international outreach initiative that provides educational materials for six villages, raise funds to dig wells for clean drinking water, and transportation for medical emergencies. A Resource Center was established in Gambia, West Africa in 2000.
nas-100National Achievers Society (NAS) is a vehicle to identify and nurture the aspirations of students in grades K-12. Membership also provides academic and cultural enrichment activities as well as promotes community service. The Reading Club is another component of the NAS that was created by parents to help students improve their comprehension and writing skills as well as develop a passion for reading.
nbs-100National Believers Society (NBS) is a feeder program of the National Achievers Society. The National Believers Society provides assistance to children who are experiencing academic and/or behavior issues. These students strive to improve their grades and conduct to qualify for membership in the Society.